Old SchoolKorean Karate

Old school Korean karate, real techniques. I am a private student of K martial arts. These guys teach REAL Korean martial arts

You learn fast, quick footwork, in a slick, switch hitting side-stance.

This is a real place, you get fast flexible movements. Proper timing, distance in an affordable way by real masters from South Korea.

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Tang Soo Do is very much side stance style and unlike taekwondo, they use tons of punches which makes it ideal and not to mention they also change levels going from high on your toes bouncy stance to low stance with knees bend.

This would be ideal because in one aspect, you can plant yourself and defend takedowns or you could bounce around and have a more active footwork. Not to mention that you have strikes with kicks and punches as well as knees, elbows and forearms as your moveset.

Hence why I would imagine that more Koreans should be doing well because they are learning a style that teaches the students how to change levels to deal with different martial artists styles. Against a boxer, you can move around and throw kicks a.nd the active movement makes them very elusive and difficult to catch, while low stance allows them to change levels and throw different types of strikes or even transition to a throwing technique that can be employed from judo or even hapkido.

Combined withBoxing Techniques

My goal is to teach you my skills in footwork and the conditioning needed to pull of the moves, I am in the teaching business and not in gym managment business. Korean Karate meets boxing


Donation based, lower price than your martial arts gym near your area. Our prices will not be beat. We don't do contracts and Space is limited so contact now while you have the chance. We also do offer private lessons as well. Price range is between 50 dollars for privates while we are currently private only, With more students we will hold classes and it will be around 80 dollars a month. However we will keep the classes small to have room for movement and footwork training.





Move sets that give birth to flashy footwork and fighting

Before Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do was the king of Korean martial arts. A style of karate that was based on arduous effort and dedication. Focus was mastery and not getting a new belt.

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