Cobrakingkai karate and judo

We do not do kids classes. We focus more on private or semi-private training so that we churn out quality karateka with proper footwork and  judo skills to match.


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Most frequently asked questions

We focus mainly on Tang Soo Do. Without getting in to the history, think of Tang Soo Do as a mix of taekwondo and karate. 

It is mainly known as Korean Karate.

First and foremost, we are donation based. Even the donation recommendations are going to be below industry standard.



We have decided to focus our dojo on less of a commercial based and more towards donation based. This is done so we can focus on teaching REAL old school karate/Tang Soo Do.

Commercialization means to cater to the masses who wish for weight loss and fitness.

While fitness is important, we want to teach the nooks and crannies of karate and not just focus on calorie burning exercises.

By making this dojo more donation  based, we can focus on teaching and not dilute our livelihood with our teaching. Thus what you get is serious and proper karate training and we do not have to compromise our methods for sake of selling more memberships.

Right now I am in downtown Vancouver. I know few places for rental options in downtown area.

I may move to the states.

Water, clean clothing that are loose and comfortable.

That being said, as mentioned before, training is going to be very tough. I strongly recommend to have a light meal that is nutritious. Believe me you will need it!

No we do not teach MMA. But we believe judo is extremely important and compatible for a karateka to learn and know. But our main fous is karate.

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