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Our Way

The way of the fist. Its our philosophy, it is to uphold the rawness and realism of martial arts and Tang Soo Do. Training is Hard but Safe!

Our most important mission is to teach a method that requires great physical and mental effort but without damaging your body or putting unnecessary stress on your joints that cause problems. 

Not For Everybody!

Expect the training to be difficult, our teaching will not become laxed in order to cater to more people. We EXPECT people to rise to our level as oppose to us dropping down to cater to more people. We do donation based for the time being.

We offer the best training for the lowest prices. The catch is that you must have a burning desire to learn Tang Soo Do. You will fall in love with the Tang Soo Do we teach because its infused with boxing.

This is not your typical MMA thai kickboxing class. Or another run of the mill boxing class that gets you to throw lot of punches on the bag while standing stationary. You will learn side stance, you learn how to bounce, weight transfer, rotate the hips and legs while anchoring on the foot as well as throwing punches generating power from hips as well as generating from the legs.

This means you have to learn proper footwork. This consist of: Basic steps, Weight transferring, rotating and anchoring, side step shuffling, jumping in/out and bouncing. As far as side stance goes, it is important to learn, lot of times, most gyms get you stand squared up. Nothing wrong with that but you are an open target. We like to teach you the importance of side stance which also allows you to develop body coordination because moving in a side stance is not something your body is used to and thus you are learning a new body mechanic which will make you a better abled body. Flexibility and conditioning are also very important as well. You will also learn the history of Tang Soo Do and its predecessor art which is rooted in yoga. To learn more about our yoga program, go to yogaom.ca